Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the membership at large. This is the Executive Committee.

All other positions are considered committee chairperson positions, and can be appointed by the President.

For a listing of Officer or Chairperson duties, please visit this page.

Any CAMN member in good standing can hold any of these positions as outlined by the chapter bylaws.

Title Name Email
Application & Admissions Terry Southwell
At Large board member Harry Miller
Communications Dan Galewsky/Leslie Lilly
Curriculum Carla Criner/Steve Largent
Education & Outreach Nautasha Gupta
Field Trips Mark Wilson
Hospitality Becky Patterson
Membership & VMS Gary Sertich
Mentorship Director Dale Thompson
New Class Representative Rachael Shannon
Past President Barbara Keir
President Emily Hansen
Secretary Paige Horton
Treasurer Carolyn Doolittle
Vice President Leslie Lilly
Weekly Reader Sharon Lynch

Central Texas volunteers devoted to ecological stewardship, education and outreach.