CAMN Officer and Committee Duties

What follows are the currently-assigned duties of the officers and committee chairpeople of CAMN. Duties can be changed per the bylaws and operating procedures maintained by the Board and membership. Committees may be added, changed or removed by the Board as necessary, but some core functions – such as curriculum coordination, advanced training volunteer coordination – are essential to the smooth operation of the organization, and will continue indefinitely.

Ad-hoc committees – appointed by the president – can be convened to solve a specific problem or for other tasks, but are not listed here.

Title Brief Description of Responsibilities
President* Chief cheerleader. Loose ends coordinator. Official spokesperson for the chapter. Officiates all CAMN BoD and Monthly Meetings. Has signature authority for spending, as well as legal authority within 501c3.
Vice President* Responsible for monthly meeting and any annual meeting speakers, and speaker gifts. Organizes annual awards ceremony. Has legal authority within 501c3.
Past President Aids in transition to new leadership, advisor.
Membership Director** Responsible for maintaining database of students and alumni. This includes names, addresses, class attendance, volunteer hours earned and advanced training completed. Chief liaison with State MN online Volunteer Management System.
Secretary* Responsible for attending BoD and official CAMN meetings, and recording, editing and sharing meeting minutes. Has legal authority within 501c3.
Treasurer* Responsible for oversight and record keeping of CAMN funds in accordance with approved budget. Has legal authority within 501c3.
Member at Large 1** Serves as a voice and vote on the Board of Directors representing the CAMN membership
Member at Large 2** Serves as a voice and vote on the Board of Directors representing the CAMN membership. Traditionally chosen from a recent graduating class.
Applications & Admissions** This committee is responsible for updating the new-trainee application, tracking recruitment successes, and selecting the new trainees each year.
Communications/Website** This committee is responsible for the Internet web page, social media, communications technology, and press releases.
Curriculum** This committee is responsible for developing the curriculum of CAMN, as well as planning the framework for the lectures, activities and field trips for each class.
Education and Outreach** This committee coordinates public education and outreach programs, maintains a collection of hands-on activities and presentations, develops new hands-on activities and presentations, and tracks our impact in the community.
Field Trips** This committee arranges and organizes field trips.
Hospitality (Food & Fun)** This committee serves to facilitate the social aspects of our organization including the ceremonies and holiday celebrations. Traditionally responsible for snacks and drinks at official functions.
Volunteer & Advanced Training Opportunities** This committee is responsible for developing criteria to determine whether volunteer opportunities may be counted for CAMN credit, reviewing suggested opportunities and approving or disapproving them based on the stated criteria, and publicizing approved opportunities. Currently handles The Weekly Reader.
Combined recently with Advanced Training, too. Plans and coordinates  advanced training opportunities for members as well as approves training done outside the organization.

* Elected positions. One year term. Any CAMN member in good standing may hold any position.

** Appointed/committee chair positions.

All committee positions may be appointed by the president, and may be held singly or jointly by one or more CAMN member.

More info on officer positions and duties can be found in the chapter bylaws.

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