2018 Training

Welcome to the
2018 CAMN training class!

Class Schedule

See the class schedule here!

Need to make up a class?

See the class make up requirements here! Let Kate or Mike know if you have questions at curriculum@camn.org.

Class Pages

1. Interpretation, Urban Habitat, Observation
2. Weather, Texacology
3. Mammalogy
4. Geology, Soils
5. Archeology
6. Water (Hydrology, Aquatic Ecology, Fish)
7.  Birds, Spiders
8. Insects, Herps
9. Botany
10. Restoration, Fire, Graduation

NOTE: These may only be starting points (gates, first turn off, etc.)  for drive planning. See additional class notes about attendance instructions.

Orientation Presentations

Creating Your VMS Login

Instructions for creating your login are here.

Remember! To become a certified CAMN member:

  1. All 40 volunteer hours and 8 advanced training hours must be completed AND submitted to VMS by December 31, 2018
  2. All initial training classes must be made up by April 2018

Central Texas volunteers devoted to ecological stewardship, education and outreach.