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April 2016 CAMN Opportunity Listing in VMS

Trying to locate the correct opportunity from the 98 items in VMS’s dropdown list can be very challenging. Download the 2016-04-12-CAMN_OpportunityListings to help you locate the opportunity you are looking to use  in VMS. The document is ordered by partner organization. You can also use “My Placements” on the VMS dashboard to see the full list.

Categories have changed slightly for experienced CAMN members. View the State program’s category definitions to understand the two letter categories found on CAMN opportunities.

As CAMN evolves as an organization so will our opportunities list. We will be evaluating how often our opportunities are used and where new opportunities could ease logging for the members.  If you know of a missing opportunity that several members would use provide the details by using “New Opportunity-Capital Area Master Naturalist” from the dropdown menu where you log your hours.

Any suggestions, questions or concerns should be directed to 


Congratulations to all 2015 award winners!

We had a banner year for CAMN service awards and recertification!  There are 82 members receiving the 2015 Bluebonnet Recertification pin!

But most importantly, are the service level award winners who should be congratulated for their continued contribution to CAMN! Please give all a hearty thank you for their hard work!

1000 hour gold dragonfly pin awarded to:  Jim Weber and Lynne Weber

500 hour sliver dragonfly pin awarded to: Jacque Austin, Elaine Davenport, Jeff Genung, Elizabeth Hinson, Marc Opperman, Shelly Palmer-Fettig, Terry Southwell

250 hour bronze dragonfly pin awarded to: Jane Adams, Stephaine Boyd, Ranleigh Hirsh, Joesph Hunt, Betty McCreary, Charles (Skip) Mencio, Jr., Harry Miller III, Marcia Sims, Randy Thompson

2015 Recertification Bluebonnet pin awarded to:

Jane Adams
Sue Anderson
Jacque Austin
Stuart Bailey
John Barr
Rosann Batteiger
Vernon Berger
Stephanie Boyd
Stacey Bucklin
Cynthia Cannon
Gus Cannon
Paul Clements
Ann Clift
Elaine Davenport
Bill Dodd
Carolyn Doolittle
David Dunlap
Sheila Ellwood
Angela England
Carl Fabre
Carol Fegan
Janet Fitzsimon-Barr
Peg Gavin
Jeff Genung
Jan Hanz
Elizabeth Hinson
Ranleigh Hirsh
Marianna Hobbs
Sara Holloway
Joesph Hunt
Dale Jaroszewski
Barbara Keir
Bill Kemp
Lois Koho
Linda Lacy
David Lyon
Melissa MacDougall
Thom Marshall
Jerry Mayfield
Kathy McCormack
Betty McCreary
Patricia McGee
Charles (Skip) Mencio, Jr
Harry Miller III
Peggy Murphy
Alicia Nelson
Meredith O’Reilly
Marc Opperman
Virginia Palacios
Shelley Palmer-Fettig
Becky Patterson
Nancy Podio
Jeri Porter
MaryHelen Quinn
Dawn Reed
Robert Reeves
Stephanie Rivaux
Mike Rogan
Janet (Jan) Roset
Jenny Samford
Deborah Sharp
Marcia Sims
Monte Smith
John “Terry” Southwell
Andy Swain
Charlotte Taylor
Randy Thompson
Kirstine Thorne
Jane Tillman
Miriam Vaughn
Myra Weaver
Jim Weber
Lynne Weber
Andrea Wilhite
Mark Wilson
Gloria Wilson
Sue Wiseman
Chris Wolfe
Max Woodfin
Nancy Woolley
Dorothy Young
Kenneth Zaslow

Congratulations to Our 2015 Graduates!

The following class of 2015 members completed all their requirements for becoming certified Texas Master Naturalists. Please congratulate them for their hard work!

Sachin Aggarwal
Jim Bayliss
Katherine Daniel
Lydia Deats
Hannah Frankel
Pat Frost
Jake Jackson
Jason Jarisch
Sarah Jenevein
Beth Kirkhart
Ashleigh Lassiter
Ryan Lassiter
Alice Mabry
Lauren Millican
Bill O’Leary
Jake Patoski
Monica Ramirez **
Linda Reams
Phillip Scott
Allan Seils **
Caroline Taylor **
Claire Wade

** indicates a double certification – awarded to those who completed 80 hours or more of volunteering and 16 hours or more of advanced training