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Transferring From Another Chapter

It is easy to transfer into CAMN.  To initiate the process, you should contact to request a transfer into our chapter.  You will need to state your name as it appears in VMS, your birthdate (to avoid confusion with someone who may share your name), and your current chapter.  CAMN Membership will then create a Help Desk ticket and send it to the state VMS team that handles the transfer process.  When completed, the transferring member’s VMS profile, including user ID, initial training hours, service hours, AT hours, and milestones will be made available to CAMN.  You should note that membership in multiple chapters is not allowed. 

You must be a member in good standing with the chapter from which you are transferring, including payment of chapter dues. Also, it is strongly recommended that you complete additional training that is applicable to the Central Texas ecoregion if transferring from a different part of the state.

At this time, there is no reciprocity between the TMN program and other State Master Naturalist Programs.  If you are transferring from another State Master Naturalist program, you may be given preference when applying for the next CAMN Training Class.

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