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Curriculum and Sample Class Schedule

The CAMN Training consists of an Orientation and 10 classes spread over 4-5 months, generally meeting every other Saturday.  Below is a sample schedule for a CAMN class. Note, schedules and dates change from year-to-year.

Week 0Orientation
Week 1Off
Week 2
Interpretation, Urban Habitat, Observation
Week 3Off
Week 4Geology and Soils
Week 5Mammology and Taxonomy
Week 6Off
Week 7Weather and Birds
Week 8Archaeology
Week 9Off
Week 10Off
Week 11Hydrology, Aquatic Ecology and Fish
Week 12Off
Week 13Land Restoration and Rehabilitation
Week 14Off
Week 15Spiders and Texacology
Week 16Off
Week 17Insect and Herps
Week 18Botany and Graduation
Sample Curriculum Schedule for a CAMN Training Class

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