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CAMN Class of 2017

There are three primary requirements to become a Certified Texas Master Naturalist:

  • Initial Training – 60 hours of combined classroom and field instruction.
  • Annual volunteer service hours – A minimum of 40 hours is required for Initial Certification.  A minimum of 40 hours is then required each subsequent year in order to retain the title Certified Master Naturalist.
  • Annual advanced training hours – A minimum of eight hours is required for Initial Certification.  A minimum of eight hours is then required each subsequent year to retain the title Certified Master Naturalist.

Initial Certification must be completed within 12 months of beginning training. To achieve Initial Certification requires a commitment of time, about nine hours a month for a year, so applicants should plan accordingly.

Membership in the Chapter is open to individuals 18 or older, regardless of race,  gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin who have begun or completed initial training.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

CAMN is dedicated to creating a diverse volunteer base that reflects the communities in which we serve.  Therefore, our members, volunteers, and partners strive to engage all audiences in conservation, education, and stewardship.  We recognize the importance of fostering inclusion of all persons regardless of race, religion, class, age, ability, gender identity and expression, sexual preference and background and are committed to creating an environment that is equitable, accessible and welcoming for all.

Transferring Chapters

Those who have completed the Texas Master Naturalist training and certification in another chapter and wish to transfer to the Capital Area Chapter are eligible to do so. See information about transferring chapters for more information.

Registration Fee and Membership Dues

A one-time registration fee for those accepted into the program is $140.  This fee covers the cost of the textbook, facility rentals, speaker fees, and other operating costs.

If this fee causes a financial hardship to any person accepted into the program, CAMN offers partial or full scholarships to cover these costs.

After certification, members are expected to pay annual chapter dues of $20 per year.

Criminal Background Check (CBC)

Because Texas Master Naturalists may interact with the public, all training applicants must pass a criminal background check (CBC).  CBCs are conducted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at no cost to the applicant. CBCs are repeated every three years for active members. A current CBC is required to perform any volunteer duties.

Application and Selection Process

Applications are posted on our website in August. The application is for the class in the following year. Interested students should complete and submit their application online. Applications are posted on our website in August and there is no fee to apply.  After the deadline has passed, applications are reviewed by the CAMN Application Committee and evaluated on the availability to attend classes and perform volunteer service and commitment to stewardship of natural resources.    

Applicants are notified by email of the decisions 4-6 weeks after the application deadline.  Class size is limited to about 35 students to ensure a good learning experience.  

Class registration fees are $140, and are due by the orientation session. The fee covers the cost of the Texas Master Naturalist text book, class handouts, park entrance fees, facility rentals, the graduation luncheon, and certification materials (certificates, name badges, milestone pins, etc.).  Full or partial scholarships are available for these needing financial assistance.

Criminal Background Checks (CBC) will be completed after all applicants are notified of their acceptance in the program. 

Training Classes

CAMN Class of 2022 looking for Spiders with Spider Joe Lapp

Classes are scheduled on every other Saturday beginning in November with graduation in early May. There is a $140 fee that covers all the costs of the training, including instructional materials, facility fees and park entry fees.  Full or partial scholarships are available for those needing financial assistance.  Trainees are required to attend each of the ten classes.  Each class covers one or more subject areas.  Each class includes lectures and hands-on activities to accommodate different learning styles.  

Additional Information about the Training Classes are available at the links below.

Trainees can and are expected to begin volunteering as soon as classes begin.

More Information

For more information about CAMN and what we do see:

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