CAMN Represents at the 2019 TMN Annual Meeting!

(L to R): Angela England, Kat Ross, Becky Patterson, Ann Clift, Justin Bosler and Gary Sertich)

This year’s Texas Master Naturalist Annual Meeting was held in Rockwall from October 17th-20th and it was my third year to attend.  For those that have never attended a meeting, it is a blast!  This year’s meeting had over twenty field trips and training workshops, fantastic seminars, educational displays, a book store and a silent auction!  

“This year’s Texas Master Naturalist Annual Meeting was just as motivating and informative as the others I’ve attended.  From Friday afternoon through Sunday morning I attended nine presentations, and my two favorites could not have been more different. “Conservation Laws and Ethics” presented a historical background of American wildlife laws, and challenged us to ponder and discuss real-life scenarios that demonstrated the murky moral areas where these laws and related ethics sometimes lead us.  And despite its cutesy name, “My Little Chickadee: The Coolest Little Bird Ya Ever Did See” took a deep dive into the amazingly sophisticated language of chickadee calls, making me want to dive into learning it myself!” –Mikael Behrens

Attending an Annual Meeting is a great way to meet, network and share experiences with fellow Master Naturalists from the other forty-two chapters across the state.  And most importantly, it provides an opportunity to recognize and celebrate our hard-working volunteers that give so much to this great State and their communities.   We are thrilled that thirteen CAMN members represented at this year’s conference.  Among them, Gary Sertich (Class of 2019), was recognized for achieving the 250 service hours milestone.  Wow!! Congratulations Gary and thank you for all your hard work! 

Next year’s meeting will be held in Houston!  Hope to see y’all there!

By Kat Ross, CAMN Secretary, Class of 2017