Chapter Meeting Recap: Austin Wildlife Rescue

Cedar waxwings get drunk off berries. Opossums have 50 teeth. Nighthawks aren’t hawks and ringtails aren’t lemurs. These were just a few of the delightful tidbits shared in the recent CAMN Chapter Meeting.

Kathryn Mattison gave a wonderful presentation on the work she does with Austin Wildlife Rescue. She talked to us about the animals AWR tends to handle and the ways CAMN can get involved… 

Through donations:
Through volunteer work:

If you missed the meeting, no worries! You can watch it on Facebook:

Thanks to our skilled webmaster, Dan Galewsky, and one of our social media admins, Nautasha Gupta, we were able to provide our first-ever, live video of a CAMN chapter meeting. We are hoping to be able to provide these more reliably in the future. BUT we are still in the beta phases, so no guarantees. 

If you are able to watch the meeting live at the time it is happening, then it will count as an AT hour. Watching the recording later does not count for hours, because there is no chance to interact or question the presenter.