Meet the Webmasters of CAMN

Every week the members of CAMN volunteer their time in support of the great conservation and education work being done throughout the parks and natural areas of Travis County. The coordination of these efforts is no small feat! There is a team of CAMNers working behind the scenes every week to make sure that all your digital resource and website needs are available and up to date.

When prospective naturalists go through the application process for CAMN, the tech team creates and manages the online application and provides support for applicants. Throughout the training year, the tech team works with the class coordinators to provide an online resource for class schedules and training information.
More recently, the tech team has made a big effort to provide more content for CAMN members on the website through regular blog posts and an up-to-date calendar featuring volunteer and advanced training opportunities.

Of course, there are also a slew of small tech tasks that CAMN needs for day to day management: email aliases, website hosting, all that fun stuff. But don’t be fooled by their technical prowess, the tech team – Dan Galewsky and Leslie Lilly – still prefers to spend most days out in the woods.

To reach them and say “hello” email

Join us at the next Communication Team meeting to learn how you can help with CAMN’s website, social media, and the Reader:

Saturday, September 7th | 3:00pm – 4:30pm @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse

To get involved in other ways behind the scenes with CAMN attend the next Chapter Board meeting (open to all members): 

Thursday, September 12th | 6:30pm – 8:00pm @ the Austin Nature & Science Center