2016 Class Acceptance has been decided…

Emails have gone out to those who were accepted to the 2016 Training Class, as well as to those who were not accepted. Please check your inbox (or possibly spam folder) if you were anxiously awaiting an answer about your application.

Thank you to all who applied. For those who were accepted, we look forward to meeting you at the orientation! We hope you’ll find CAMN to be one of the richest learning experiences you’ve encountered, and that you make many new friends in the process.

For those who weren’t… please try again next year. Many veteran CAMN members had to apply more than a couple times before they were finally given one of the ~30 training slots. And with 70 applicants this year that meant a lot of denial emails went out. We’re sorry. We hope you’ll continue to follow us and check back Aug. 1, 2016 for the next application.