Nominating Honorary Members

Photo by Marc Opperman
Photo by Marc Opperman

Members of CAMN can nominate and elect people to be honorary members of the group. Honorary members become full, voting members of CAMN without the requirement of training and certification, and would be eligible to receive our emails, participate in member events and volunteer work, and even serve on the board of directors. Honorary membership is intended to be an honor bestowed upon individuals who have contributed to CAMN as notable teachers, mentors, or benefactors, or who have consistently given their time or talents to the Central Texas community in a manner consistent with CAMN’s mission of educational outreach, volunteer service and environmental stewardship.

Any existing CAMN member may nominate an individual for consideration. Those nominations will be considered by the board of directors at our May 7, 2015 board meeting. Afterward, the approved nominee slate will be voted on by the membership at our May 27 general membership meeting. Nominees approved by the membership may be presented with a certificate or plaque to show our appreciation and their membership.

If you would like to nominate someone you feel worthy, please use the form below. (This will be the only place nominations are accepted.)

For some background from our bylaws, please see this link under the “Member Categories” section.