The 2015 Awards Ceremony and Silent Auction

The 2015 Awards Ceremony and Silent Auction

Feb. 15 Awards Ceremony

First off, I have to brag about the sheer NUMBER of people who attended this event. We had 75 CAMNers and family members attend the show, held this year at what was probably the perfect venue, the Redbud Center at LCRA. With its impressive water-wise demo gardens, model of the Highland Lakes dam system, and overlook of Mansfield Dam, it was a perfect place to remind us of some of the things we do as part of CAMN. Thank you to vice-president Julie Bollman for finding our location, and for the impressive table centerpieces.

We had 84 CAMN members (from classes prior to the 2014 class) re-certify for 2014, earning the armadillo pin for their 40 or more volunteer hours and minimum of 8 advanced training hours.

We had 23 new members join CAMN from the 2014 class, making them official, full members of CAMN. These members earned their TxMN Member Dragonfly. Welcome!

Members who passed certain hour milestones in their CAMN membership also earned awards. We had 10 members earn a Bronze Dragonfly for their accumulated donation of between 250 and 499 hours:

Alicia N. 251.50
Peg G. 254.50
Shirley L. 267.50
Diane C. 302.00
Marc O. 310.25
Barbara K. 317.50
Jenny S. 330.50
Elaine D. 339.25
Jeff G. 360.25
Jacque A. 405.00

We awarded five Silver Dragonfly pins (500 – 999 hours):

Nancy P. 514.45
Mike R. 531.00
Jan H. 542.25
Mark W. 606.50
Kenneth Z. 611.00

And, this year we inducted 3 members into the Gold Dragonfly club (1000 – 2499 hours):

David D. 1002.75
Jerry M. 1017.75
Miriam V. 1131.50

Congratulations to everyone who earned their milestones and certifications!

In all, our members donated 7,404 hours in 2014, and obtained 1,716 hours of advanced training. Since its inception in 1998, CAMN has accumulated 124,313 volunteer hours and 25,386 hours of training.

As usual, the food everyone brought to the potluck dinner was fantastic, and maybe even a little in short supply considering the great turnout. And, with our silent auction, we raised $576.50 in donations. Thank you to everyone who both brought and bought items in the auction.


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