Winter Rains

The weather has been somewhat cold and soggy over the past few weeks, and cabin fever has been a nagging companion at least to some (says the guy who has rearranged his garage at least twice this past month).

But there are the upsides to it. While our local rains haven’t done much to change the state of regional drought, it should ensure – at least locally – a spectacular wildflower display in a couple short months. It certainly hasn’t hurt if you’re a winter gardener, either.

And, it’s brought back steady flow to many of our area creeks. Here’s a photo captured recently on Bear Creek by Kevin Thuesen, program manager for Austin Water Utility’s Water Quality Protection Land preserves. Bear Creek passes through a property I have visited a lot, and have found as dry as a bone many times, particularly in the last few years. Good to be reminded of the intrinsic beauty of a landscape where water flows, even if it is the middle of winter.