December Monthly Meeting – Presentation

We had a well-attended meeting this past Wednesday with around 30 participants. The Class of 2015 was well-represented, with around 15 of its members in attendance.

Wizzie’s talk focussed mainly on Central Texas ant identification and strategies for managing pest ants. Some discussion of the new(-ish) invader, the tawny crazy ant (Nylanderia fulva), was included.

We had a technical glitch with her slide presentation file, so she forwarded a PDF to post. Despite not having the projected photos, Wizzie presented a very detailed and talk using a worksheet she’d brought.

The PDF can be viewed here:
Ant Identification- CAMN Dec 2014

Wizzie’s contact info:

Wizzie Brown
Facebook: Urban IPM
Twitter: @UrbanIPM
Instagram: urbanipm

Excellent site on the tawny crazy ant here:

Incredibly informative video on ants in general: