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Our Desired Future, a Story of Texas Water

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 8.56.25 AMSharlene Leurig, Director, Texas Environmental Flows, brought a compelling story of Texas water to our Monthly Meeting last night, documented beautifully in the multimedia project, Our Desired Future. The rich photography, deep fact-based writing, familiar locations, original charts and graphs, animations, and movies tell the story of our water from deep underground to its life at the surface. Stories of use, overuse, demise, compromise, regulation, new ideas, conservation, and human impact at all levels make this a must-explore site, and a fount (pardon the pun!) of knowledge for any Texan concerned about our most critical resource.

See http://www.ourdesiredfuture.com if you’ve got time to click and explore, or http://www.ourdesiredfuture.com/listen.html if you’d love a podcast-style tour of the presentation last night.

Jacob’s Well cave diver photo from the site, others from a recent CAMN trip to Devils River State Natural Area.

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Advice on Blanco River Restoration

CAMN volunteers played a part in helping re-establish pine forests in parts of Bastrop after the Labor Day fires in 2011. I have no doubt CAMN will play a part in helping with the Blanco River recovery from the Memorial Day flooding this year. This alternative view of river “cleanup” comes along via our CAMN volunteer, Jeri Porter:

There’s been massive destruction of trees along the Blanco River, which is just disheartening.  This gives us a different perspective and maybe it will be useful to some of the folks in Austin who experienced loss of trees as well.

Mark Lundy, an ISA certified arborist and long-time resident of Wimberley, is featured giving sound advice to participants on the Blanco River restoration: