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Patience in interpretation – turning around destructive attitudes

I had a couple experiences lately that made me think of the value of CAMN training, and that of patience in interpretation and outreach. The first experience happened while I collected trail use data at Sculptured Falls on the Barton Creek Greenbelt. The data is being correlated with golden-cheeked warbler sightings and nesting data on the preserve uphill to determine the effects of human activity on the GCW. A pair of swimmers leaving the site asked me why I was posted there with a city badge and clipboard. When I explained I was collecting trail use data, their first reaction was, “That’s the first step before the city does something stupid.”

The second experience – a little closer to home (literally) – was when my neighbor knocked on my door after killing a two-foot coral snake in her back yard. Wanted help in disposing of it. It had been a third of the way under the fence and into my yard when she used her garden shovel on it. Continue reading Patience in interpretation – turning around destructive attitudes