CAMN October Chapter Meeting

October 25, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Austin Nature Science Center
2389 Stratford Dr
Austin, TX 78746

Calder Kamin is an artist that uses diverse mediums to explore the nexus of humans and the environment. Her work, ranging from realistic plastic yarn (plarn) animals to interactive installations, encourages people to consider their place in the ecosystem. Come learn how Calder creates her art and uses it to inspire and educate. 

Artist, educator and activist, Calder Kamin is motivated to inspire her audience make better choices for the environment. Kamin’s art sparks an opportunity to participate in the greater good by transforming waste materials and her audiences through her Neocortex Classroom and Plastic Planet series. She has a background working in galleries, professional development and art administration. Kamin is interested in building experiential works of art for museum audiences and sharing professional practice advice with other artists. She is the Artist Liaison and  Administrator / Facilitator for the Artist INC Austin Live seminar through the City of Austin’s Small Business Program.