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Field Notes from WQPL Biologist Matt McCaw

Many CAMN volunteers contribute hours to Austin Water Utility’s Water Quality Protection Land preserves. This short reflection by WQPL field biologist Matt McCaw encapsulates a little of why these lands are so special to Central Texas and the City of Austin, and why so many of us work to make a difference there.

Biface axe tool, courtesy Matt McCaw, City of Austin WQPL
Biface axe tool, courtesy Matt McCaw, City of Austin WQPL

Urban Forest Grant Program


Worlds apartSoaking in the hot springs in far-flung Big Bend, you never know who you’ll run into if you strike up a conversation.

This year we met the City of Austin employee responsible for promoting the Urban Forest Grant Program. Essentially, this money is sitting there waiting for a really NICE CAMN project somewhere. He will be coming to a future meeting to introduce himself and the program.

Stay tuned.

December Monthly Meeting – Presentation

We had a well-attended meeting this past Wednesday with around 30 participants. The Class of 2015 was well-represented, with around 15 of its members in attendance.

Wizzie’s talk focussed mainly on Central Texas ant identification and strategies for managing pest ants. Some discussion of the new(-ish) invader, the tawny crazy ant (Nylanderia fulva), was included.

We had a technical glitch with her slide presentation file, so she forwarded a PDF to post. Despite not having the projected photos, Wizzie presented a very detailed and talk using a worksheet she’d brought.

The PDF can be viewed here:
Ant Identification- CAMN Dec 2014

Wizzie’s contact info:

Wizzie Brown
Facebook: Urban IPM
Twitter: @UrbanIPM
Instagram: urbanipm

Excellent site on the tawny crazy ant here:

Incredibly informative video on ants in general:

December Monthly Meeting


Join us December 3 at 6:30 pm to hear Wizzie Brown (Urban IPM), Entomologist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service speak on ants, both native and invasive. She may include information on Austin’s newest invader, the Tawny Crazy Ant… the one that makes people wish they had their imported fire ants back.

Event is free and the public is welcome, as well as friends, spouses, random people off the street. For CAMN members, this is our last meeting of the year, and your last CAMN-organized chance for Advanced Training.

Located at the Austin Nature & Science Center. Parking is under the Mopac bridge on Stratford Dr.

Light refreshments served.